The Lehigh Valley's Premier Outdoor Storage Facility
1038 Sherman Street Allentown, PA 18109


Property Manager
Steve Petyerak

We are open
24 hours-a-day
7 days-a-week

Centrally located in order to better serve you!

With 2.1 paved and stone acres, and plenty of room to move around, we are an easy in-and-out facility. Keeping in mind, length and size is never a problem. Whether your need is large or small, we have a space for you.

We are designed to accommodate 45ft Motor Homes, buses, and truck trailers. Units 53ft can easily fit. Landscapers not only store their trucks with us, but also their equipment. Boats can be stored on a month-to-month basis, and so there is never a rush to move it even though you are not ready to use it.

What really attracts our customers is the 24/7 access, gated, well-lit, and camera-secured grounds.

Our staff is ready to set up a space designed especially for you. Come and visit us, we know that you will leave feeling comfortable knowing your property is safe with us.